Hello Boys

I have made up a player profile with a few questions so we can understand more about the players we play with.

I have taken the first Player Profile and i will send out to a new player every week to fill in.

Happy Readings

The Coach!!!!!!

Players Profile get to know your USC Lion Teammate and things you may of not know about him.

Players Name – Jason Traeger

Position – Coach

Age – 40

Nickname – Traegs, The Ho

Occupation – Sales Rep with 3M

Single – Married – Kids – Married I have 2 little girls Ella and Skye

Years at USC Lion Soccer Club – 26+

Any Pre Match Superstitions – Same underwear and socks on game day

Favourite Ground Played at (Not Grange) – Hindmarsh when in Under 12’s

Biggest Influence Person or Sporting – My Grandparents and Dad

Highlight of Career – Playing 1st Team at Port Lion Pirates Premier League

Best Player Played with – Many quality players over the Years at Lion

Favourite Sporting Player of all time – Viv Richards (Cricket)

Favourite Soccer Player of all time – Pele

Funniest thing seen on a Soccer Field – Stan missing from 1 Metre

AFL Team Support – Carlton and Port Power in SA

Football (Soccer) Team Australia – Adelaide United & Overseas – Liverpool

Favourite Drink – Jacks Daniel or Wild Turkey

Favourite Meal – Chicken Parma with Diane Sauce and a Beer

Favourite Band – Rage against the Machine and Eminem

Favourite Song – Bullet in the Head

Favourite Cartoon – Simpsons

Earliest Memory Sporting or Personal – Coaching by David Hookes

Who would play you in a Movie about you – Charlie Sheen?

Stranded on a Island 3 Essential Items – Foxtel, Esky full of Beer, My Wife

What would you buy with your last $50 – Take the wife out for dinner?

Who would your 4 dinner guests be – 2 Male 2 Female (Alive or Dead)

Jim Morrison, Curtly Ambrose and Miranda Kerr, Tara Reid

One thing no-one at the Club knows about you – I used to have a Mullet

So who could be next watch out i could send to you?????




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