Here’s the latest edition of players profile….From Brett McCarthy

Watch out you could be next?????

Players Profile get to know your USC Lion Teammate and things you may of not know about him.

Players Name –Brett McCarthy

Position – Defender/

Age – 27

Nickname – B,Mac

Occupation – Nurse

Single – Married – Kids – = Single

Years at USC Lion Soccer Club – 4

Any Pre Match Superstitions – Nah

Favourite Ground Played at (Not Grange) – Mt Barker

Biggest Influence Person or Sporting – Brad Strutt

Highlight of Career – UK Trip with Port Lion in  2000

Best Player Played with – Tony Hatzis

Favourite Sporting Player of all time – Scotty Pippin?

Favourite Soccer Player of all time – George Best

Funniest thing seen on a Soccer Field – The Ref getting knocked out by a soccer ball

AFL Team Support – Crows

Football (Soccer) Team Australia – Adelaide U

Favourite Drink – Johnnie Walker Blue Label on the rocks

Favourite Meal – Pork Belly Roast

Favourite Band – Lyrical Commission

Favourite Song – Press Release by LC

Favourite Cartoon – Family Guy

Earliest Memory Sporting or Personal –

Who would play you in a Movie about you – Quentin Tarintino

Stranded on a Island 3 Essential Items – gurkah, flint, canteen

What would you buy with your last $50 – A carton of Pale and $4 chips

Who would your 4 dinner guests be – 2 Male 2 Female (Alive or Dead) –

Sid Vicious, Stevo, Mila Kunis and Jesica Alba

One thing no-one at the Club knows about you – I love street art/ Graffitti art

Anything you suggest Lion could do at the Club to Improve – ???????????

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